Meet The Team

Tara Borle

Lead Mortgage Broker
Tara was a contestant in Miss St Albert, she was crowned Miss Congeniality.

Lee Mallais

Mortgage Associate
Lee LOVES games, games, games. ALL the games! Cards, board games, strategy + word games.

Leanne Scheelar

Mortgage Associate
Leanne is our very own Picasso. Oil painting, designing, photography, she's our team artist.

Tara-Lynn Belley

Mortgage Associate
Tara-Lynn could live on a beach in Mexico with a daily baggie of Candy.

Dawn Liptak

Mortgage Associate
Dawn is a Pescatarian, who love puzzles of any kind.

Rachael Froese

Mortgage Associate
Rachael loves dogs and road trips.

Greg Van Zyderveld

Mortgage Associate
Greg, at 6'4 isn't the tallest
Greg on Team Borle.

Jacqueline Wood

Office Admin
Jacqueline love love loves Trivia and could probably beat anyone in a game of Super Mario 3!

Jodi Currie

Marketing + Events Coordinator
Jodi spent the day with Terry Crews at an event (and had no idea who he was.)

Hold On A Sec!

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